Animal Portraits in Their Landscapes

Scientists recently observed the coconut octopus walking along the sea floor. Researchers are unsure why, but suspect it might be a stealthier way to move unnoticed. 
In Panama researchers use sensors to study the predator-prey relationship between the leopard-like ocelot and a 6-pound rodent called agouti — a seed-burying animal that is essential to the forest ecosystem. 
Scientists thought that the extinct hominid Nutcracker man, Paranthropus boisei, ate a diet mostly of nuts because of its large jaw. Recent analysis of wear on fossil teeth suggests that when available, Nutcracker man's diet included a lot of soft fruit as well.  
The fruit fly, or Drosophila melanogaster, as become one of the most ubiquitous research subjects, and is central to many genetic studies and discoveries.

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