Brain Art: Neurons, Alzheimer's and Prions

Inside neurons tangles of proteins have been implicated in many different neurological diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. A team led by Dr. Kausi Si at Stower’s Institute for Medical Research published an article in Cell, with evidence for a prion-like-protein’s normal, healthy role in our brain. Si’s research points to a protein, Orb2, changing shape to lock in long-term memories. 
Delving into the science of memory, a team led by Dr. Kausi Si at Stower’s Institute for Medical Research has revealed that a prion-like-protein (aka mad cow disease) has a normal, healthy role in our brain by cementing long term memory. This research was carried out in fruit fly brains, an ideal research subject.
Alzheimer's Tangled Neurons: Tangles of misformed proteins bind to neurons inside the brain. Created for Science News Magazine
Neurologists say an innovative learning method could modify brain activity to help people recuperate from an accident or disease, learn a new language or even fly a plane. In the future, a person may be able to watch a computer screen and have his or her brain patterns modified to improve physical or mental performance. Created for the National Science Foundation
Neurologists' studies of the brain point to a complex set of regions necessary for consciousness. Created for Science News magazine
Neurologists studying the roots of human consiousness have discovered that when a person sees something that should produce a sound, but cannot hear it, the auditory region of the brain still lights up. Created for Science News Magazine

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