Featuring art from award winning artist Nicolle Rager Fuller, Sayo-Art specializes in illustrations that pull you in to visually describe complex ideas and topics.

Science is a daily part of our lives—new medical therapies, environmental issues, emerging knowledge about our universe—at Sayo-Art you'll find compelling ways to learn about these topics, and new ways to think about displaying your own work. Whether you're a particle physicist, a book editor, or a nature lover, you'll discover creative ways of looking at subjects new and old.

Sayo-Art creates custom, commissioned artwork, working through sketches, drafts and final details to make sure it's what you want. Some images are available for re-use, and are licensed through Sciencephoto.com. All images are copyright protected unless otherwise noted, so please ask before using.

Let Sayo-Art help you visually describe difficult concepts to your audience. 
Nicolle Rager Fuller is the artist behind Sayo-Art, living in Seattle, WA with her husband and 2 children. She grew up in Washington state in the picturesque town of Bellingham, WA, 1.5 hours north of Seattle. Nicolle got her BA in biochemistry from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, with a side trip to Kenya for a semester abroad. Throughout this time, she studied science with an eye toward medical school, or perhaps graduate study—dabbling in the art world on the side.

Out of college Nicolle had the good fortune to work in Dr. Ullman's laboratory at OHSU where she studied tropical parasites like leshmaniasis, african sleeping sickness and malaria. Not only did it help prepare her thinking about how to display scientific information, it led her to the realization that while she liked learning about scientific outcomes and results—and had a profound respect for the people who had the dedication to get those results—she wasn't fulfilled herself doing the daily lab work.

After learning the humility of the lab—troubleshooting PCR reactions and perfecting microscopy images—Nicolle stumbled on the UC Santa Cruz Science Illustration program where her dual interests in art and science finally coalesced. Since leaving UC Santa Cruz, Nicolle has worked at the Stanford Linear Accelerator and the National Science Foundation. During this time she started Sayo-Art LLC to meet the demands of outside clients. In 2007 she committed to Sayo-Art LLC full time. She illustrated Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species graphic adaptation with writer Mike Keller, and now focuses on artwork for a diverse group of scientists, publishers and editors (see Clients).
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