Meet the Team

Brought together by our mutual commitment to create outstanding art that communicates science, we are motion artists, designers, illustrators and communicators with strong roots in the scientific community. 

Our growing SayoStudio team is led by Creative Director Nicolle R. Fuller and Operations Director Trinka Kensill. Our founder, Nicolle, is building on her scientific background and years of experience producing award winning science art, to support and guide our team’s mission; creating world-class, creative, and scientifically accurate science visual communication.

Nicolle is joined by Trinka, by way of the National Science Foundation (NSF), where they met over 15 years ago when Nicolle was a full-time NSF science illustrator and animator. At NSF, Trinka managed the public affairs Visual Media team to facilitate communication between scientists, visual artists, and policy makers.

Now, they’ve joined forces leveraging their combined strengths and experience to grow SayoStudio and communicate science to broader audiences. 

Join the Team

We’re growing quickly, and looking for team members and partners to help us visualize science. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what talents you’d like to bring to SayoStudio: