Scientists study penguin's physiology to learn how they can dive to depths of 300m (1500ft). Penguins spend much of their life in the ocean hunting for krill, fish and squid. Unlike humans, penguins don't suffer from many of the problems associated with diving, such as decompression sickness (the bends), shallow water black-out, and free-radical damage to tissues. Researcher's work to understand penguins may someday be applicable to anesthesiology and other medical applications.
Inside a Bee Hive – Bee Social Roles Genetics – Bee social roles change as they age. Scientists looked at which genes were turned on or off at different points of the bees' life, and tracked what behaviors corresponded.
Coral anatomy showing the photosynthetic symbiotic Zooxanthellae within. Landscape modeled in Eon Vue, drawn in Adobe Illustrator and painted with Adobe Photoshop for an upcoming ecology textbook from WH Freeman. © Nicolle Rager Fuller, 2011
When corals are stressed due too warm waters, toxins, or chemical imbalances in the water, they expel their symbiotic Zooxanthellae losing their color.  If conditions don’t improve enough for the Zooxanthellae to move back in, the coral will die. 
Florida Wildlife Corridors Map

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