SayoStudio works with a diverse group of clients to illustrate science and technology for outreach material, university press releases, magazines and journals, text books, websites, and more. A selection of clients below:
Publishers, Magazines, and Journals: Science News Magazine, Science Magazine, the Scientist magazine, W.H. Freeman, Wiley, Rodale
Technology CompaniesAvidity Nanosciences, Cell Care Technologies, Kezar Life Sciences, Kura Oncology, Attagene, Ocean Ridge Biosciences LLC, Sigma-Aldrich, NewLink Genetics (with bmkd health design team), PCTest lab
Academic: Press offices at Lehigh University, USC, University College London—Quantum Science and Technology Institute , Jackson School of Geosciences, and scientists at Cambridge, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Stanford, MIT, UCSB...
Non-Profit and government: AACR (American Association for Cancer Researcher), Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, Sustainable Conservation, UNESCO-IHE, National Nanotechnology Initiative
Work created  for press releases has been seen in the Nature Journal of Science, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Live Science, MSNBC, Fox News Online, Science Daily, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times
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