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We know science, ask the right questions, and visualize your concepts so your subscribers and future funders see, share and support your science vision. SayoStudio will create custom graphics, illustrations and animations to...

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  • Gain investor buy-in
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"What makes you a unicorn is that you have a biology background --and-- you’re a fantastic artist. Your background in science makes you fundamentally different. You’re among the best in the country at what you do, and on a consistent basis, you deliver what you promise. I know I can rely on you even when wacky sh*** happens (because in life, it always does)."

Chris LarkinChris LarkinLehigh Communications Director

everyone loved the illustration!!! There is so much richness of detail when you zoom in. We are your biggest fans. THANK YOU so much for getting us this last mile. I'm really excited to see this out there.

Douglas McCauleyDouglas McCauleyOcean Ecologist

Nicolle is an extremely talented artist and illustrator, gifted at making complex science and technology come to life visually and dramatically. I recommend her highly! (She did not ask me to do so.)

Stuart WolpertStuart WolpertSenior Media Relations, UCLA

As promised, your anchor images have been NSF's way in on this story that presented many challenges to stand out in the mix. Reporters agreed to cover specifically after I sent the image (Sky and Telescope, Forbes, Was. Post)!

Josh ChamotJosh ChamotNSF Public Affairs specialist

Working with Nicolle R Fuller was so much fun! I appreciated her asking questions, making suggestions, paying attention to the details, and taking pride in her craft. She was a valuable asset to our exhibit team at the Cook Museum of Natural Science. Highly recommend.

John KeltonJohn KeltonExhibit Design Director, Cook Museum of Natural Science

We work with

  • Scientists and Universities
  • Engineering, Science and Technology Companies
  • Education and Documentary Film Makers
  • Exhibit Design Companies
  • Branding Agencies 
  • Publishers

Our award-winning graphics have been used by the National Science Foundation, the American Cancer Society, CNN, the NY Times, National Geographic, Washington Post, and beyond.


We create world-class animations, illustrations, and design to bring attention and clarity to your science and technology. We visualize your concepts—using an arsenal of digital tools—to create stunning graphics so your colleagues, subscribers, and future investors can share and support your vision.

We provide

  • Science Animation
  • Science Illustration
  • Conceptual Science Art 
  • Figure Design and Infographics
  • Website, PPT, and Print Design
  • Branding and logo design

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