Green Technology: Renewable Energy and Conservation

Alternative energy sources are being developed by scientists using algal cells as a biological machine to harness the sun's energy.
The Biosphere 2 was a grand experiment in the 1990s to determine what is essential to a self-sustaining environment. A glass domed enclosure large enough to contain a mini tidal ocean, mangroves, rainforest, and savannah ecosystems was built  in Arizona, where scientists lived for extended periods of time. Although scientists were not able to successfully live in an enclosed environment, much was learned about the subtle balance of oxygen and carbon usage.
In the safety of our home a surprising number of contaminants threaten our air quality: from dust mites in our beds, to smoke from our cooking. 
The Svalbard Global Seed Bank in Norway collects seeds from all over the world for preservation in case of a worldwide catastrophe.
A thin layer of dye particles helps to absorb and transfer the energy of the sun, increasing the efficiency of current solar technology. 

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