Planets Artwork

Diamond Planet: Astronomers have discovered a rocky planet 40 light years away, so heavy that it must be composed of dense carbon, aka diamond. At this point sending astronauts to mine the surface for diamonds is still science-fiction, but discovering that planets like his exist brings us one-step closer. This artwork was created in Cinema 4d, Eon Vue xStream and Photoshop for the inaugural edition of All About Space magazine. All copyrights transferred to Imagine Publishing, with permission to use for self-promotion by Sayo-Art LLC.
Life on other Planets? The question fascinates us, has led us to the moon, and motivates the imagination and dreams of our girls and boys destined to be future scientists. More and more research points to the likelihood that there is indeed life on another planet, in far off solar systems. One such planet, named Gliese, appears to be perfectly distanced from the sun for warmth and possible photosynthesis, and there appears to be water on its surface. Lacking an orbit like Earth, one side of the planet is permanently in darkness, covered in ice. If life does exist, it would likely be in the transition zone between the light and dark side.

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