Tech & Bio Tech

The melding of the biologist's and engineer's expertise is leading to next generation unmanned flying robots. By studying the flying finesse of swallows, scientists are learning how to create helpful drones that are able to maneuver in potentially dangerous spaces for missions like forest fire reconnaissance or search and rescue amid buildings of disaster areas.

Are you a bio-tech start-up company with a big vision, but you’re ahead of the curve and potential investors just don’t seem to get it (yet!)? Or an established tech company that needs to keep current in the competitive marketplace? We can help! Using dynamic illustrations, graphics, and presentations, we will grab investors attention and tell your story in a way that captures the excitement and promise of your technology.

Tech base-licensing includes non-exclusive Corporate use: slide-decks, corporate digital use (company website, and company social media accounts), and internal use. Other uses, such as advertising, may incur additional fees.

Storyboard Art
Custom, hand-drawn art to garner buy-in before you create the full animation. We will work with your team to create storyboard art from your script, when you’re on a tight deadline. This cost is included if you are working with SayoStudio for a full 3D animation.
Presentation Art Integration
Share your presentation files (Powerpoint, Keynote, InDesign) over our secure file system. We will insert the artwork into your design and create editable labels.

Sample Work


Whether you represent a museum, a national park or conference exhibitors, we create science illustrations that draw visitors in, invite them to stay and return with friends in tow; all while learning about your scientific story. We will help bring your vision to life and create a dynamic, memorable, cohesive experience that everyone will remember and talk about.

Exhibit base-licensing includes non-exclusive exhibit printing/display for the life of the exhibit. Accompanying digital uses are negotiable. Other uses, such as merchandise, may incur additional fees.

Small Exhibit Illustration
Artwork created that is detailed enough to be viewed at large scale, usually between 2ft and 6ft. Illustrations needing conceptual innovation to tell the story with detailed backgrounds to contextualize the science.

Sample Work

Scientists & Labs

Are you a scientist devoted to understanding the nuances of your subject and seeking the next ground-breaking discovery, but know you have to communicate your findings to succeed? Or are you a University Communicator trying to help your researchers get the attention (and yes, funding) that they deserve? It can be hard to prioritize professional graphics when confronting the already significant costs of publishing manuscripts, but in the competitive academic landscape, an illustration that captures your science is essential to set your lab apart. As an award winning illustrator with a science background, Nicolle Fuller will help you visually communicate the excitement of your research and garner the well-deserved respect from colleagues, editors and grant-referees.

Base academic licensing includes journal submission**, presentations, laboratory website, and your university press releases. (**journal publication is included in this use IF the journal allows for non-exclusive licensing).


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Are you are a publisher looking for eye-catching graphics to grab your audience’s attention? Whether you need a feature editorial art piece for your University magazine, an immersive infographic for your textbook, or a newsstand stop-and-look-at-me cover, we create illustrations that your readers will want to share.

Publisher base-licensing includes non-exclusive publication first-time use in print and digital edition, and publisher social media accounts for publication promotion. 

Spot Illustration
A single subject that is created to use as a highlight image in publications, websites, etc. If you need a single subject detailed enough to print large, please see the next tier.
Detailed Full-Page,
Cover & Conceptual Illustrations

We will work with your design team to help conceptualize complicated subjects, offering ideas where requested to cooperatively make a stunning piece that sells your publication.

Sample Work