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...scientists at universities, research centers, and companies whose innovation is changing the world for the better. We strategize how to communicate your science and refine your messaging to align with your goals, using award-winning visuals; including design, illustration, and animation.

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Our Process

With our scientific background, we ask the right questions to clarify your vision and create truly unique, bold illustrations.


Concept meeting (over email or via teleconference)


Concept Development → Concept Review


Sketch Creation → Sketch Delivery and Review → Sketch Feedback → Sketch refinement


Color Artwork → Full color art Review → Final Art edits → Final art delivery

Founder and Creative Director, Nicolle R. Fuller

"We work with researchers, publishers and organizations that have a passion for innovation and discovery. We visualize your concepts so your colleagues, subscribers and future investors can share and support your vision. With my degree in biochemistry, and hands-on lab work, science illustration graduate certificate, and 20 years of experience, I lead us to translate complex processes into compelling illustrations and animations. We're excited to learn more about your work, and how we can help visualize your story."

People we’ve worked with say…

  • 5
    SayoStudio is adept at creating clear and understandable illustrations of complex technologies. We are repeat clients and always appreciate their collaborative approach.
    Kent Hawryluk
    MBX Biosciences, Inc.
  • 5
    …Every experience with SayoStudio has been amazing. They always have fantastic ideas of what to illustrate for our work. This really helps and takes the burden off of me since sometimes I am not even sure where to start…
    Kelly Schultz
    Lehigh University
  • 5
    We did a review session with our team - and everyone loved the illustration!!! There is so much richness of detail when you zoom in. We are your biggest fans. THANK YOU so much for getting us this last mile. I'm really excited to see this out there.
    Douglas McCauley
    UCSB Beinoff Ocean Initiative
  • 5
    What makes you a unicorn is that you have a biology background and you’re a fantastic artist. Your background in science makes you fundamentally different. You’re among the best in the country at what you do, and on a consistent basis, you deliver what you promise. I know I can rely on you even when wacky sh*** happens (because in life, it always does).
    Chris Larkin
    Resolve Magazine, Lehigh University
  • 5
    WOW!!! That looks great!! Very well done. I can't wait to show others. Absolutely wonderful!!!
    Jennifer Pelka
    Into Nature Films
  • 5
    As promised, your anchor images have been NSF's way in on this story that presented many challenges to stand out in the mix. Reporters agreed to cover specifically after I sent the image (Sky&Telescope, Forbes)!
    Public Affairs
    National Science Foundation
  • 5
    Your First Stars image, which continues to get top billing in Google search, is now on the side of a bus. Images are critical to what we do, thanks for giving us such impact!
    First Stars
    National Science Foundation
  • 5
    Investors just aren't getting it. [Your illustration is] critical to move the needle on funding.
    Nicolas Sohl
    Cell Care Therapeutics
  • 5
    You ask questions that other illustrators and designers would never think to ask. I listen to you, and you ask questions of researchers that make me think, "this is why we pay her"  
    Communications Specialist
    Resolve Magazine, Lehigh University